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Finding a language therapy program to help patients who have difficulty communicating due to a stroke or due to complications from Parkinson’s disease is important. By working with a program or a speech-language pathologist, the goal is to reach the highest level of communication function possible. Below are some areas where a skilled speech-language pathologist can help meet your goals.


Custom Care

Symptoms can range from person to person, so seek a language therapy program to address specific language difficulties. This way, you can approach treatment efficiently. You don’t want to work on grammatical organization if you are only having trouble with comprehension. A benefit of working with a program is that they can determine the problems you have and create a regimen specifically for you.


Area of Expertise

Choose a language therapy program that has expertise in dealing with patients who have suffered from aphasia due to stroke or head trauma. Many language therapy programs can be geared toward children, but you want to make sure the program and those who will be providing care have the expertise for your loved one’s specific needs.


Available Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, therapy isn’t free, but some programs can be covered by insurance. If insurance doesn’t cover the cost, it could be worth it to pay out of pocket for just a few visits. Specialists with the program can then point you in the right direction for treatment and a customized program. A speech-language pathologist can also provide resources in the community and/or with finding sources to cover the cost of equipment or therapy.



It’s important to consider travel time when looking at a program. Travel time can increase the stress for a patient who is already going through a tough time by not being able to communicate the way they want. Choosing a program that is close by can also ensure that the speech therapist has time to work and can be efficient with their time. It also reduces the chances of being late to a program session.



It’s important to work with a program that will suit the schedule of the patient. Some patients may find that they are more responsive to therapy in the morning and get the best results.


A Good Feeling

It may sound a little crazy, but you want to make sure your loved one is comfortable while getting care. Programs all have different speech therapists, and not everyone will be the right fit for every individual. In order to see the best results from treatment, you need to click with the therapists and feel comfortable.


Recommended Exercises

A good language therapy program will also give patients exercises to work on between sessions that are based on specific symptoms. These exercises are important for continued recovery. High repetition is important to rewire the brain.


At Sage Rehabilitation Hospital and Outpatient Services, our team of specialists can help you regain communication functionality with language therapy programs and sensitive care that meets your needs. For more information on the programs we offer or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!

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