Wheelchair & Seating Clinic

People may initially view wheelchairs as a sign of disability; however, many do not know that appropriately prescribed custom wheelchairs and seating systems can give people back their ABILITY and independence with activities that may have been previously impossible.

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If you have a neurological or other medical condition that is significantly affecting your mobility, you may benefit from a custom wheelchair evaluation. Sage Outpatient offers one of the only wheelchair and seating clinics in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

Our clinic is designed to assist persons with significant seating and mobility needs due to a variety of neurological (and other) diagnoses. Such diagnoses include, but are not limited to: spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Guillain-Barre, multi-trauma, spina bifida, or amputation.



Our therapists take pride in making sure patients are prescribed the most appropriate equipment to meet their needs. The in-depth evaluation and treatment process will include:

Posture Evaluation

Performed to determine patients’ postural impairments and assess if the patient has the flexibility to sit with optimal postural alignment. This assessment will allow therapists to recommend the appropriate seating system options to address balance, improve posture, decrease the risk of skin breakdown, and improve propulsion efficiency.

Wheelchair Evaluation

Performed to determine the most efficient and functional means of mobility. A Sage therapist and assistive technology professional (ATP) will assist the patient in trialing a variety of manual and power wheelchairs from most manufacturers. This could include a variety of seat backs, cushions, and frame types for manual wheelchairs, as well as control systems/options that can be set up on a power wheelchair.

A functional evaluation will help to identify equipment that will allow each person the highest level of independence in mobility, transfers, weight shifts, and daily activities.

Wheelchair Training

Performed to optimize function, safety, and independence in multiple environments. Patients will be trained on multiple types of terrains (including grass, ramps, curbs, carpet) and in multiple environments that may be frequently encountered in their daily lives.

Final Fitting

A process where the seating therapist, the complex rehabilitation team, and patient complete the plan of care by fitting the patient into the customized equipment. Adjustments are made as needed to ensure that the patient’s seating and positioning needs are being met with the recommended equipment.

*Pressure mapping, assistive technology, and/or augmentative communication device evaluation may also be completed if appropriate.


If you’re unsure which program fits your needs, no worries – we offer free consultations. Simply come in and meet with us. Tell us what’s wrong and we’ll tell you how we can help.


The Wheelchair and Seating Clinic is staffed by Sage Outpatient physical therapists.

Speech therapists can be consulted for recommendations regarding adaptive and alternative communication devices for patients with speech impairments, while occupational therapist can be consulted for recommendations regarding adaptive driving solutions.

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