Speech Therapy Program

Our speech and language pathologists provide the highest quality of swallowing, language, voice, motor speech, and cognitive services designed to meet each patient’s needs.

Speech Therapy Program

Programs & Treatments

Swallowing Program

Our speech language pathologists have extensive training and experience with the treatment of swallowing disorders and can provide individualized treatment plans which can include the following protocols:

  • Vital Stim Therapy: a safe and effective treatment for patients suffering from difficulty swallowing or dysphagia. Vital Stim is a non-invasive, external electrical stimulation therapy.
  • Effective Swallowing Protocol vis Ampcare: ESP™ is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment for dysphagia that combines the most effective electrical stimulation parameters with resistive exercises
  • Traditional Swallowing Therapy: compensatory strategy training, swallowing exercises, diet modification, and positioning recommendations
Voice Program

Our speech language pathologists have the ability to provide evidence-based treatment to patient’s experiencing a voice disorder secondary to stroke or a disease process such as Parkinson’s.

  • Visipitch IV and Computerized Speech Lab: Our speech language pathologists have access to this state of the art device which is a high-quality recording system for accurate representation of patient speech and voice and easy-to-use clinical software with numerous measures of speech and voice quality to support an evidence-based practice, and visual and auditory biofeedback to support acquisition of therapy goals.
  • LSVT LOUD Certified Speech Language Pathologists: A Certified Speech Therapist delivers the LSVT LOUD Program to improve both voice and speech of individuals with Parkinson’s, or other neurological conditions, by focusing on the underlying physical pathology utilizing an effective and concise cueing system.
Cognitive Training

Our speech language pathology team provides remediation and compensatory cognitive training in order to improve cognitive communication skills within a variety of functional settings. Our team addresses attention, memory, and executive function deficits through skilled and evidence based treatment techniques.

Language Therapy
  • Our speech language pathologists provide language rehabilitation to patient’s experiencing aphasia after a stroke or secondary to a disease process or neurological disorder.
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication Device Evaluations: Our team provide comprehensive evaluations to patient’s that are interested in procuring a speech generating device

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