What is the Readi-Steadi® Glove?

The Readi-Steadi® Anti Tremor Orthotic Glove System was developed by Krista Madere. Krista is a licensed occupational therapist and certified hand therapist. She invented this glove to address the challenges associated with those who suffer from tremors related to various diseases and disorders. The Readi-Steadi ® Glove is a custom orthotic fitted for an individual with the use of small weights placed with the goal of reducing the tremor by 50% or more. The glove allows free movement of the hand without inhibiting movement in order for full participation in life activities while wearing.

Who can benefit?

The Readi-Steadi® Anti Tremor Orthotic Glove System was created for people of all ages suffering with mild to severe hand tremors associated with, but not limited to:

Parkinson’s Disease

Essential Tremor

Dystonic Tremor

Resting Tremor

Action Tremor

Cerebellar Tremor

Psychological Disorders

Evaluation Process

Krista Madere custom fits individuals at Sage Outpatient clinic. She will start by assessing the individual’s needs and functional tasks which are inhibited by the tremor. Following the assessment, Krista will trial placement of a hand and/or forearm piece with customized weight placement. Based on the tremor reduction, a custom orthotic will be fabricated to the individual’s hand and/or forearm with the placement of weights. Krista will provide education and a home training program for use of the glove. A 2-3 visit follow up process is completed following the initial evaluation to assess any adjustments needed and progress home program.

Getting Started

Physicians order that read “OT Evaluate and Treat” for Readi-Steadi® glove

Provide insurance information

For questions or more information, please visit or call us at 225-906-4097.

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